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We're looking for some volunteers to join our team and help run the LIO.

Head of People / Orchestra Manager

"It was really fun to play, and the whole experience felt inclusive in a way that I haven't experienced in an orchestra for a long time." - 2024 LIO Musician (Wind Section).

"You guys really go out of your way to make everyone comfortable and feel included" - 2024 LIO Musician (String section).

We focus on creating a genuine, comfortable & inclusive environment for everyone involved in our projects.

We've worked really hard to achieve a great reputation and we want to keep it.

How we treat our players, volunteers and audience is just as important as the music we create, this means you need to be naturally warm, kind & highly empathetic.

Responsibilities for this role:

  • Fixing the orchestra for 2-3 concerts a year, responding to player signups and adding them to our CRM.

  • We use a CRM called HubSpot to manage all our players and subscribers, we will provide full training on this.

    • You would send a mass email checking availability and assembling a shortlist of players for a project.

    • You'll then work with our Artistic Director & the committee to whittle down the shortlist to a confirmed orchestra.

    • You would manage a small budget for 'paid' players when we have gaps we can't fill.

    • You will be comfortable emailing musical institutions (like conservatoires) inviting their musicians to sign up with us.

    • You will be responsible for finding replacement players when we have dropouts.

  • You will be sending emails to the orchestra confirming we have accepted them as a player, and regular 'all hands' emails thereafter with rehearsal and concert information etc. 

  • You will attend our rehearsals and concerts. Along with the committee, you'll make sure everyone is relaxed and happy. Check-in with the players, say hello, notice if someone is agitated, upset or distressed and be proactive in resolving it.

Head of Marketing

Role: Manage our social media. We need someone to take our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter by the horns to build our audience and raise money for our charity partners.

This role can be as big or as small as you'd like. The minimum is regular posts on social media. The tone of voice is up for grabs but we find we skew quite young and fun. We have a cache of concert and rehearsal footage cleared for social.

In addition, you're very welcome to:

  • Manage our website

  • Create content

  • SEO

  • Paid advertising (we have a very modest budget to promote our concerts).

  • Manage our poster designer

  • Manage our videographer

  • Ecomms (newsletters)

  • Google Analytics & Search Console optimization.

  • Help brand each concert with a catchy hook (e.g 'Opera Unwrapped' or 'A Classical Nightmare before Christmas' or 'Inside (Symphony) No 9'.

  • We  will provide any training you need.


We welcome as much time as you'd like to devote to this role. 

Immediately before a concert we like to post every other day. In the run up to a concert we might post once or twice a week.


This role can be tailored around the volunteer who is interested in taking it on. There is huge potential here to establish a unique tone of voice and run with it. There are no rules!


If you're interested in any of the roles above, please drop an email:

  • Introduce yourself.

  • Briefly detail why you might be a good fit and any relevant experience.

  • Briefly detail what you hope to get out of this.

  • If you're interested in the marketing role, let us know what excites you and what you would be keen to take on from the list above.

  • Send any questions you may have.

Hope to hear from you soon!

LIO Love


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